A Girl Catches Her Man’s Side Chick Coming Over,Than BEATS Her Up!!

I really don’t get why women date these lame beta males who like watching women fight over them. This guy is literally watching his main chick beat on his side chick who he prolly called to come over to his house so his girlfriend can confront her.

Women are now fighting over these idiots because they actually like men like this who will cheat & treat them less than because they love the drama.Videos like this just shows if you aren’t going to be faithful in a relationships, DON’T get into one.

6 thoughts on “A Girl Catches Her Man’s Side Chick Coming Over,Than BEATS Her Up!!

  1. lol I never understood why people (dont matter if its male of female), beat up on the person that their lover is cheating with. Dont you think they lied saying they single or something? I know some dont care single or not, but still though. You would have thought that the guy would have decency to at least break up the fight but I guess he love it when women beat each other up for him

  2. She’s as stupid as a brick. Her bf is the one she should have beat up. This girl may have been told that he was single by this idiot who’s filming the ordeal. The victim should have called the police and had her arrested and leave the lying , cheating roach alone. These young girls don’t have any common sense. Nothing to laugh about

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