VIDEO: Angry Black Mother BLASTS Scottie Pippen and Kobe Bryant For Speaking To Her Son


This foul mouth mom is upset that her son’s idol was not what he thought, so instead of being upset at herself for failing to give him better role models, she goes on a rant against Kobe & Scottie as if they aren’t very well known assholes?

These black mothers have got to do better at teaching their kids more than sports.

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Angry Black Mother BLASTS Scottie Pippen and Kobe Bryant For Speaking To Her Son

  1. Lmao wow, I think she more mad and salty than her son was. If it go viral, so what?? It’s not gonna hurt them, they retired bitch. Apparently you are not your son’s role model with the way you ranting about how they acted towards him.

  2. Lol this is so crazy i have to make a 2nd comment. Charles barkley said it himself i am not a role model. I think people sorta misunderstood him but he is basically saying dont idolize me, dont worship me, dont follow me, im just a guy who is living out his dreams. Why do people put famous ppl on the pedestal when they only have just more money than you. You could do that too if you tried. Thats why when something like this situation happens, everyone feels salty and disappointed for making him a idol.

  3. Ghetto ass hood whore. Now her son has to live this shit down and get picked on everyday because of his dumbass momma.

  4. It about being a human being not about being a role model numb nutts!!! They know they have fans everywhere they go even if they had to get going they could have gave some high fives and a few pics of time permitted and went about his business that takes what 5 minutes? If I can walk and give High 5’s and smile they damn sure can too.

    No need to an asshole

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