*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO:How Jackie Christie EXPOSED Black Female Lust For “Non” Black Men

This video basically validates everything black men are saying about the majority of modern day black women, they LOVE white men & have no shame in admitting it.Jackie Christie is an middle aged ratchet colorist who shows why black men should avoid women like this.


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10 thoughts on “*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO:How Jackie Christie EXPOSED Black Female Lust For “Non” Black Men

  1. Yeah the living proof. U know they dont care if they on tv saying this shit. They know for a fact they are not gonna be called for it, and if they do, the lovely dedicated females will come to the rescue forcing them to back down. I be seeing a whole lot of shit on social media that nobody pays attention to, but i just let it slide cause i dont care 💯

  2. I tell my wife about this all the time. I work for a prestigious hotel and its ridiculous how these women disrespect me while trying to suck up to these white guys. They brush them off and look at me with a big ass grin. I know what they’re thinking. They speak it all the time. They use those women to get a quick nut off and its very obvious. They really harass me bro. I just caught one trying to follow me home. They threw eggs at my car and everything. These women aren’t redeemable. Its too late for them.

  3. Haha I love Jaye going off like this

    I’ve never understood how black women can worship white men but then those “great relationships” with white men don’t result in marriage or even a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. So these white men are so great but they’re not wifing you up, what makes them so great then?

    Black women self project like a mofo when they claim black men love white women or claim white women wanna be black women, that shit is classic self projection

  4. Man those chics were hit hard in the face. One of they chins looked harder than Ben Grimm’s. I’ve never watched the show and I see why. Lol Great video JDB

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