VIDEO: Is Jalen Rose JEALOUS Of Lebron James Opening Charter School?


Some people (Lebron James Fans) are reading way too much into Jalen Rose comments about him opening school for at risk kids. Jalen accurately pointed out that he & other did this before Lebron but never got the praise he has.

At the end of the day, its mainly about the kids who will benefit from this no matter if its Jalen’s school or Lebron’s.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Is Jalen Rose JEALOUS Of Lebron James Opening Charter School?

  1. This is the problem with far too many in the African American community; We don’t care to appreciate, celebrate and collaborate on the good fortunes of each other. Jaylen should have only praised LeBron’s effort to open a school servicing the underprivileged community; because, far too few privileged African-Americans contribute to the betterment of the African American community.
    We must understand the importance of celebrating each and every opportunity we have to encourage privileged African Americans to lend a hand in the network to strengthening our bonds and abilities to successfully serve our historically underprivileged communities.
    We ALL MUST learn to STOP thinking small-minded and get out of our own way. Additionally, we MUST ALWAYS be vigilant of those whose Behaviors are consistent with maligning African Americans whome identify with the struggles of those who continue to languish in our under privileged communities.

    1. Thus far, all Lebron (his foundation) has done is decorate a school with murals and basketball shoes. He acts like its the greatest thing since sliced bread and his greatest accomplishment. In reality, it pales in comparison to some of the scholarships hes done. Jalen’s comments were accurate. He did it well before Lebron and his school represented the needed change for the education system. Yet Lebron’s got touted as something special because its in with the bed of the old failing system. That’s what you need to be critical of. The tried and true failing system. Why do you think they paraded this all around, when others have already done it? And to top it off, its publicly funded. The building was already there and was already being used by the district as a school. He spent how much decorating a school!? Can’t put lipstick on a pig and expect it to be something special. They’ve been throwing money at public education to NO AVAIL. So what is a BBALL school gonna do?

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