Pepsi’s FAILED Protest Ad TRIGGERS SJW’s Too High Levels

Now I’m not a fan of Pepsi & their “PC” pushing soda brand, but I must say this fake outrage is completely “Unnecessary”.

It seems to but another way for “Black Lives Matter” to make themselves relevant since they haven’t been since the election of Donald Trump.

This also goes to show you how manipulated most social media users are to “Join In” on the brow beating of Pepsi & Kendall Jenner, but it might be for different reasons.

Kendall Jenner Is getting the “Your a Kardashian, I hate you” backlash, which is more jealousy than anything.Based off the comments from “Black Twitter” she “knowingly” tried to copy a black female named Leshia Evans who became knowed for a photo of her standing in front of three officers during a protest in Baton Rouge.


Honestly these people need a life & to get off social media, but they wont because its funny to mess with people all day & not have to apologize like they made Pepsi & other brands or celebrities they disagree with.

One thought on “Pepsi’s FAILED Protest Ad TRIGGERS SJW’s Too High Levels

  1. These sjw’s will ruin a wet dream. These negroes are going to be drinking pepsi no matter what kind of commercial they put out.

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