My Response To Ex MGTOW Groupies

This is my response to the black women who were supporters that are now saying I’m a “Black Woman Basher” even though they were subbed for awhile.


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10 thoughts on “My Response To Ex MGTOW Groupies

  1. MGTOW predicted these False NAWALTS would come out of the woodwork… They’re moving onto our youtube channels and internet spaces and trying to convince us they’re not Feminists. Hang in there Jaye. Sending some support your way and will see about getting more to do the same. The message has to keep being broadcast. I have an 18-year-old nephew who is risking a lot by going to a liberal college in a liberal city. He has a work-study job that gets him exposed to the public and it’s his first year at school and already several women have tried to get him fired over nothing. I have been trying to get him red-pilled in time and these videos help a lot. He’s almost there and once he goes Red Pill with the information about women he’ll share it to other male college students.

    I just heard a male college student in Texas who committed suicide over a false allegation at University of Texas at Austin (UTA) on April 4, 2017. The two UTA administrators handling the case even admitted in emails to each other that there was no evidence to support the allegations, but they went ahead and expelled the student and destroyed his good name. The young man figured his chances to ever get into any school or job were gone even though there was no trial, there was no proceeding and there was no criminal conviction. So he killed himself. And nothing happened to the false accuser. I don’t want that to happen to my nephew or anyone else’s nephew or son or brother.

    This is why we, as men out here, need to support content producers like you and others. Not all men are going to accept MGTOW principles and live by them, but they can at least know what they’re up against and understand that these women are not their friends, not their allies, and will stab them in the back at the first and at every opportunity to do so. Then these informed young men can make their choices and live with the consequences – or die from the consequences. They will have had some warning at least.

  2. Good video JDB, alot of these hoes will do a 180 on you in a heartbeat, see its cool when the topic of discussion is brothers, but when its about BW, all hell then broke loose, the hypocrisy never seems to amazes me.

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