VIDEO: Asian Man Gets DRAGGED Off Plane

This video is very troubling & doesn’t make United Airlines look good at all.

8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Asian Man Gets DRAGGED Off Plane

  1. The situation could have been handled better by both parties, especially the airline company. How can you have a policy where you can inconvenience paying customers over your employees? Not good business at all.

  2. The angle that NOBODY is getting is that United COULD HAVE hired a fuckin’ CHARTER FLIGHT to fly their crew onto their next destination! BUT NO… that would COST too much! Money-grubbing bastards at the top got people thinkin’ that maximizing PROFITS and SHAREHOLDER VALUE is all that there is, in life.

    BTW, the airlines use computer algorithms to determine who is a regular flier vs. who seldom flies when overbooking causes a problem. They DID NOT make a “random” pick to grab his ass and throw him off! So, they kick off a passenger who doesn’t fly very much because IT’S CHEAPER than getting a charter flight.

    Now United is gonna get SUED BIG TIME! HAHAHA…!!! I’m here to tell you, air travel was a LOT BETTER before Jimmy Fucking Carter deregulated it and then Reagan fed the whole industry to his criminal JEW friends on Wall Street.

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