Dysfunctional Woman KIDNAPS Man At Gunpoint After Hitting Her Car!

Smh…what else can be said about this video,it shows just how dysfunctional most black women are.

I cant believe this idiot thought it was a good idea to record herself “Kidnapping” A man at gunpoint because he hit her car.

What even more crazy is I bet she doesn’t have ANY insurance but he wants money to fix her car.Her & that other hoodrat need to be arrest & charged this crime & be being stupid also.


8 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Woman KIDNAPS Man At Gunpoint After Hitting Her Car!

  1. Wow this bitch from my old hood in Compton….welp that’s about how they act, I lived in NBCC on 165th St and couldn’t be happier that I live in downtown Long Beach. I am a Starbucks sipping, free of ratchet niggas and niggettes, happily checking out the Crossfit Training and Gold’s gym bitches of all colors, there is a pole dancing class 1 block away all types of non nigga shit to free my mind from. Thanks for the reminder of why I rarely go see my family in Compton and South Central.

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