Fake Outrage From Black Women & #BlackTwitter Over Shea Moisture Ad.


Is this really getting upset over? Companies who want make more money & have bigger of a spending base change up their advertising to bring in more customers.This is another example of why some people need to GTFO social media & be productive instead of tweeting about a product you have NEVER paid money for or supported

This is the article reference in my video: https://blavity.com/shea-moisture-criticized-new-ad-features-white-models


This fake outrage shows how easily triggered black women are when it comes to white women & this advertisement proves It.


One thought on “Fake Outrage From Black Women & #BlackTwitter Over Shea Moisture Ad.

  1. Lol WOW!! Im pretty sure black people dont run the company. But still though, how can they criticize who a business should have in their commercials? Smh kinda reminds me of the time of this black female student went off on a white dude for having dreads. They feel like whites cannot do any culture appropriating at all.

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