ESPN Goes On “Firing Spree” Due to Bad T.v. Contracts & Losing Subscriptions.


These firing or “layoffs” only solidify that NO job is secure, no matter what occupation it is. I have been laid off before & it can be very troubling time, Although most of the former ESPN employee made alot of money & will have no problem finding an occupation,this will have a bigger impact on the world wide leader.



I think ESPN did this to themselves by upsetting there paying customer base for the sake of social justice.And thought their brand would “overcome” any dissenting views on their change in tone from mostly sports, to liberal politics & mass hiring of minority on air talent.


John Skipper, The guy running ESPN into the ground, has been very defiant about the direction of the company, but lamented that they will have to shift to digital like most media networks have.

But this is ESPN, The “World Wide Leader In Sports”…the top company for sports on t.v…you should understand what YOU are & stay in that lane, instead of being drawn into lamestream media politics just to dismantle your own brand in the process.

2 thoughts on “ESPN Goes On “Firing Spree” Due to Bad T.v. Contracts & Losing Subscriptions.

  1. Cant they get a fucking clue? They know damn well subscribers leaving because of their “political correctness” movement. I think Disney has really ruined things to be honest. Prime Example: Disney taking on the new Star Wars movies and having female lead characters. Why Why Why?! I dont care about it but it’s like they rub it in your face like females can do just as good as men can if better. So that’s the same case for ESPN. I wanna sports, highlights, analysis for the upcoming games, not about how Trump is running the country into the ground with air missile strikes

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