VIDEO: Violent Black Teen DESTROY Supermarket,Then SHOOTS At Employee!

“An 18-year-old accused of shooting and injuring a Carrs-Safeway employee following a scuffle inside the Aurora Village location early Saturday morning was indicted Thursday on additional charges. An Anchorage grand jury indicted Devon Brown on 16 charges, including: attempted murder, first-and second-degree assault, weapons misconduct, criminal mischief as well as 12 counts of third-degree assault for threatening the lives of others at the scene”.


This is exactly why MOST non black people don’t want to live around blacks because of idiotic emotional black males & females.To get upset because YOU got caught stealing & was asked to leave, YOUR fault, try being a better theft.The fact this “coon” went & got a gun to shoot at the store proves who people think all black people are animal & dangerous.


This guy was being an emotional, weak male by shooting at people who didn’t even know him or had anything to do with kicking him out the store for stealing.It wouldn’t surprise men if he did this to impress those females who prolly thought he was a lame anyway & this really showed that he is.


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Violent Black Teen DESTROY Supermarket,Then SHOOTS At Employee!

  1. Another reason why us regular law abiding black folks need to separate from niggas in order to save and improve the race.

  2. & these people will literally feel like their excuse is that they were being mistreated at the store. You cause that yourself fool!! This is just gonna have store employees or owners keep on following us around in the store cause of shit like this

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