Charlamagne The God Says Colin Kaepernick Is Being BLACKBALLED By The NFL.


First off, Colin Kaepernick being a “Top 100 Most Influential People” is a joke. Charlamagne Clearly doesn’t understand that how the NFL & sports operates, because if he did, he would know that a team will sign a talented player no matter the baggage he has.



The fact that sports & “New” hip hop has gotten so political just shows how accepted disrespecting your flag & race baiting by the lamestream media. Guys Like Charlamagne Is only honest when it comes to music, but that seems to be about it.

It much easier to be a black celeb if you boost up people like Colin because it fits a narrative that they want pushed. The NFL is not in any way trying to “Black Ball” Kaepernick from the league If he can still play, that doesn’t make any sense…lol.

I will never get how a man who has NEVER stood for anything can be celebrated for something (Kneeling For National Anthem) he had done since he was a rookie with no political statement about it or no Afro to pick




2 thoughts on “Charlamagne The God Says Colin Kaepernick Is Being BLACKBALLED By The NFL.

  1. Lmao if he knew football, he would know that this guy will not get signed right off the bat. Like you said, his “protest” dont have anything to do with why teams dont wanna sign him. He had a crappy ass year. Matter fact, he has had some crappy ass years. This boy aint been nothing since the 49ers lost the super bowl. He’s really a one and done. If teams choose to sign him, they are going to do it last minute. I doubt if teams should be lining for him. Lol charlamagne dont never quit!

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