A Black Man Starts The “F*ck All Black Women” Movement On Facebook.


I’m not sure why he made this movement, but I this its hilarious & sad at the same time.I don’t think he really hates black women, I just think he is upset at certain situations with black women that made him make that post.

LINK TO MEDIA TAKEOUT: http://mtonews.com/dangerous-new-trend-african-american-man-texas-trying-start-new-movement-called-fk-black-women-movement-wrong-men-days/#.WP7PxvGjUKQ.email

I think black men should take a different approach when it comes to black women, if you cant deal with them, then LEAVE them. One thing I know about black women is that is you ignore them or stop giving them attention, sooner or later they will have to change something about themselves.

3 thoughts on “A Black Man Starts The “F*ck All Black Women” Movement On Facebook.

  1. He def got wayyy to overly emotional and took to the internet to vent to suddenly. Red Pill rage (or just negro rage lol) needs to be done behind the confines of social media discreetly, maybe similar to what madBusdriver X does

    1. Definitely too emotional. Instead of coming off like a brother with sound reason and logic, he came off like a petulant child.

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