YouTube Now Censoring Black Male Channels



YouTube is becoming more “feminist & beta male” friendly with these unnecessary changes to their guidelines, but losing advertisers & bad media perception can make people do extreme things.

One of my channels almost got completely demonetized due to a bias bot seeking non liberal opinions that seek to wake men up & not accept the effeminate male culture we are becoming.





7 thoughts on “YouTube Now Censoring Black Male Channels

  1. Damn that’s fucked up Jaye. I think YouTube just doesn’t want to hear the truth & they don’t want men to know the truth about women & what’s really going on in the streets. I have actually heard YouTube has been fucking up for a quite awhile now. They have been messing with wrestling and fighting game content creators too. What’s gonna happen is they are gonna scare off their whole fan base & people are going to start uploading content on their own website like you are doing & they will start streaming on apps like Twitch (which is actually pretty good by the way). Obviously I am subscribed to you here so I’ll always get email notifications and I will share your videos with friends if I find a topic that’s really interesting to me.

    Like Matt Hardy says, YouTube must be DELETED. I’ll do my best to support you as much as I can. Keep doing your thing bro & YES you are changing people’s lives for the good.

  2. Looking forward to some RAW and logical content! I’m glad you got your own website because YouTube wants you to be a little girl. Also the angry females can’t flag you here now can they lol.

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