*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO: Colin Kaepernick’s “Black Conscious” Marks


This video is to address the black empowerment “marks” who have made Colin Kaepernick a leader among black people for doing something his been doing since his rookie year(Taking a knee).

Mark – 
“A wrestling fan who enthusiastically believes that professional wrestling is not staged, or loses sight of the staged nature of the business while supporting their favorite wrestlers. Also sometimes used by industry insiders to describe a participant in the wrestling industry who believes that any aspect of the industry is more important than the money they can earn”

PART 2 http://jdbnetwork.tv/2017/08/15/exclusive-video-colin-kaepernicks-black-conscious-marks-pt2/


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9 thoughts on “*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO: Colin Kaepernick’s “Black Conscious” Marks

  1. Whenever old David Banner said that he made money being conscious than selling his music, you know it’s just a hustle man. I remember when I was discussing with one of my coworkers a few days ago about Trump. Niggaz didnt hate Donald Trump till he start running for office and making those claims of what he was planning to do. This man had a damn rap song from Mac Miller made about him. But all that goes away now that he is president. It’s really been a mess with Colin and the NFL. Hell even J Cole shouted this shit out at a concert. Like wtf?? The only reason I can see some people even bringing it up because they either are blind as fuck really believing him or they doing this to get more exposure and monetary reasons. Most of these people cant be that naive.
    NFL teams are not gonna sign a guy like him unless they are in deep water with their QB situation.
    Like the dude just sucks man. The pros dont like taking on projects and if they do, it’s a max of 2 years, or else you booted.

  2. AFTER 9:30…..THANK YOU!!!!!! jaye I have been saying that for months with that chick also she was with john wall too before aldon smith. She is just another jersey chaser thats a freak in the bed I guess.I personally believe she was responsible for all of this nonsense with kapernick from the jump because this man never cared about none of this until he hooked up with her.In fact he was being pushed by the league after the superbowl year ( gq magazine cover, beats by dre ad) because he had the look.I guess frauds like to be with frauds. she saw an opportunity and got up with him at that point cause he was near the top of the food chain in the league. Thats why I never fully believed him with the protest because he is weak minded. All that time with harbaugh he should have learned how to be a quarterback then he would still have a job today.At the end of the day she is just another manipulator that found another sucker with money that twisted his mind up.Thank you for the commentary .I hate the fact that people refuse to bring that part up in this whole story with him when i believe its the entire reason for this happening to him.

  3. Haha Jaye you was on it with this one bro 😄. I wasn’t offended & you was telling truth. You had me thinking about stuff I hadn’t before. I think Colin should just focus on being an activist.

    Now that you say his woman is also behind this and putting these thoughts in his head. She is just as responsible as he his for this behavior. Of course he’ll end up taking the hit & she will just move on. It’s very sad, but anyways I love these uncensored videos. I’m glad I subscribed

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