JAYE N THE N3WZ PODCAST #2: Jemele Hill Might Get Fired,Mel B Got Exposed?, Scarlett Johansson Chooses Career Over Family.

The main topic of this podcast to speak is to speak on hypocrisy of people in the media, especially the ones who support Jemele Hill saying what ever & still being able to work a corporate job.No matter what proof you show of hypocritical SJW behavior or talking points, they will deflect & use shaming tactics.


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2 thoughts on “JAYE N THE N3WZ PODCAST #2: Jemele Hill Might Get Fired,Mel B Got Exposed?, Scarlett Johansson Chooses Career Over Family.

  1. Haha Jaye you went off in this one 😄. My thing with Jemele comments about trump is that some of them are true. I mean you see on the on the news about what he thinks about mexicans & transgenders. He even disrespected John McCain during his campaign. He always starting fights on Twitter. Now maybe she shouldn’t have went public on social media about it because these companies will definitely fire you over this kinda stuff. So i do think their is a time & a place for this kinda conversation.

    I do think Obama was more qualified than trump cuz he has actual experience in some forms of American policy. The fact America our country let a man like Trump with no experience in no form of political office; be our president is a joke.

  2. Now as for Mel B situation; i can’t comnent much on that cuz i don’t feel i can add anything more to it. Now i do think you had great points about the Janet Jackson situation because why have a baby by someone who call you a bitch everyday & you stayed with him for 5 years. I want to have some kinda sympathy for her but when you really look at the situation; it’s very messed up.

    Now there is no Sympathy for Scarlet Johansson lol. I don’t agree with her choosing her career or should we say thot tendencies over his family & her child. That’s not cool & it’s ashame cuz i never thought she would be like this. Then again we can’t be surprised.

    It seems like most celebrities don’t take love serious. She wants to have her cake & eat it too daily. I hope she will get out of this phase but I doubt it right at this moment until she hits the wall. She needs to realize family should always come first

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