Cam Newton’s Apology Proves Money & Fame Is A Burden To Black Men.

This video I posted on my YouTube page was of NFL QB Cam Newton apologizing to female reporter for harmless joke (which was really no big deal) but she & feminist social media attacked him for it.Even Jemele Hill defended the same reporter who’s old tweets showed her as a “racist” (she only apologized after he did) but still got defended by her & others.



Him apologizing says a lot about black athletes & why the media wants to control them & how they act.Its OK to bash the president or other black men (not Colin Kaepernick though) but say one harmless joke to a thin skin, feminist minded chick & the media will attack you until you beg for forgiveness.


I would rather be a regular guy doing YouTube videos or blogging than deal with being a puppet to only criticize the enemies of the lame stream media.What really interesting is that Jemele Hill let it slip that she only sided with the reporter because Cam didn’t do enough to support Kaepernick (smh) even though he did speak in support of him.CKJH.jpg

We as black men need to understand that when you are apart of the entertainment business or even working in corporate america, you will at some point kneel before Zod’s bitch!




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