TRIGGERED Feminists WALK OUT Of Debate After Panel Agree Men & Women Are Different.

During a debate featuring a panel of 2 men & 2 women, they began to agree about women & men being biologically different from each other, which didn’t sit well with the fat & fugly feminists sitting in the crowd who decided to walk out & cause a scene.

The most ridiculous part was the purple haired femi-not-see busting the sound system of the mics because she was triggered from the discussion & was escorted out..also her effeminate male ally than said that they were “Nazis” for believing male & females are not the same from their biological make up.

The last part of the clip was the funniest because they didn’t even acknowledge the disruption & kept the conversation going.

3 thoughts on “TRIGGERED Feminists WALK OUT Of Debate After Panel Agree Men & Women Are Different.

  1. Thats really sad that ugly bitter women like those wanna be lied to about the “biological makeups” of men and women. They damn well they will never be a man, even if they were to get a sex change. You cant change what you came in with, dont care what kind of technology they put out to fix people up in these surgeries.

  2. I found the funniest part was when the guy started talking like he’s a woman like dude plz come on you wearing women leggings. The point they never understood is of course we’re but we still can come together on some topics and relate but all they heard was “different”. Like the KKK and Neo-Nazis, feminists and effeminate men don’t understand what they’re actually aiming for.

  3. She need to face reality and get over it. Feminism is nothing but a farce full of fallacies and emotionalism. The people on the panel already know men and women will never be equal cause nothing on this earth is equal to one another. Its funny how they outright ignore her as well lol.

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