NoliaGirl504 & Female Anti Feminists #MGTOW

This video was in response to the number of new so called “Anti Feminists” who are using MGTOW & MRA’s to build a following on social media.

4 thoughts on “NoliaGirl504 & Female Anti Feminists #MGTOW

  1. Jaye, I expected this because girls have very good social recognition. They realize that feminism is a male repellent. Just look at Tomi Lahren who literally did a video on where are all the men. Women are struggling to finding a man due to feminism basically reducing testosterone levels in men. They realize that infiltrating men’s rights groups will basically draw attraction from thirsty beta males.

  2. Lol and to think I was so sold on her….and what’s funny is that she was talking about how in her “response video” now she’s gonna make sure every morning she wake up, she’s going to check her comments for negative opinions or constructive criticism. Im looking like if you support MGTOW, you shouldnt care about any opinion. Lol like before November, she was only posting about what she cooked I guessed! and & all of a sudden, she’s for the anti-feminist crew.

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