White Women Are Now Using #BLM & Other Black Activism To Date Black Men

The title is exactly what the video is about, low self esteem, feminist minded white women are using social justice to get close to black men.Some people aren’t going to understand but I’m sure others know exactly what I’m saying.

2 thoughts on “White Women Are Now Using #BLM & Other Black Activism To Date Black Men

  1. Personally I hate white chicks that act hood. They’re no different from these weave heads except for the fact that they might not be as physically violent.

  2. ROTFLMFAO!!! Man, this junk is so crazy, you just KNOW it’s real. They’re mad because the white chicks are using the blind hatred of blacks to their own ends? They’re not really supporting the cause? HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………….(Just repeat this for about six or seven more feet and you get the idea.) Well, BLM is BS. These idiots are not the new black panthers. Nobody believes it, including them. You got some virtue signalling chicks grabbing some side dick? If they hadn’t been blinded by hatred, they could’ve seen that. Instead, I get a couple more days of laughter out of these clowns.

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