Black Athletes And Why They Marry Biracial Women!!

This video is about black athletes & why they are choosing to date or marry mixed women over other women.

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10 thoughts on “Black Athletes And Why They Marry Biracial Women!!

  1. That’s something I noticed myself long ago. A lot of these athletes, rappers/entertainers don’t want to be labeled a sellout for having a preference of nonblac (mainly white) women, so they get with mixed chicks knowing that most blacks except half breeds as ‘still black’ because of the one-drop rule.

  2. You are spot on with your video. Even though I’m not a black professional athlete, I tend to have more attraction for mixed chicks, hispanic chicks, and also asian chicks.

  3. Some blk men love what white men love. They love what the white man told them is beautiful. People still have a slave mentality. Dark skin women are looked at as the worst, ugly, masculine, and black men/dark skin men want light skin babies with “good hair” b/c they don’t want them to be treated as they were treated. White is right, 1/2 white is 1/2 right. Cicely Tyson said dark skin women are the bottom of the totem pole. So from top to bottom it’s: white man, white woman, black man, dark skin man, light skin woman and dark skin woman.

    1. black men just want a child that’s a reflection of them. Black women care about children having good hair and a certain complexion

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