K.Michelle Runs Topless At Atlantic Records Office For Attention

Well this isn’t the first time she has done this kind of thot behavior at her label office. There is a video of her running nude through the Atlantic Records office like an attention seeking idiot.

This is also the same type of women who wants men to respect her but will do this without caring of what people will say. Now she can do what she wants but don’t get upset when men only want to have sex with you but wont ever take you serious.

10 thoughts on “K.Michelle Runs Topless At Atlantic Records Office For Attention

  1. Lol i gotta say this for the guy she engaged with. He’s the luckiest and also the most dumbest person ever. I looked up this guy and he is a dentist. He’s right in my hometown. He’s lucky because he’s got a attractive woman but he’s dumb at the same time because he’s putting a ring on a attention thot. & the funny thing you discovered this though. Like just today, I saw a video on tmz where this new strip club in memphis was doing audition for strippers. One of those girls was someone I went to high school with. She and some other girl was dancing all on top of this dude on the floor. Lmao and she is 23 with 2 kids. But at the same time, she on Facebook talking about how her relationships are trash and how she’s horny and how she havent had sex since November. But on another note, she wants a man to date and respect her. Smh!!

  2. THIS IS BEYOND SAD ….theres a difference between having a good time & just completely degrading yourself.

  3. Why in these days women believe this to be an acceptable behavior for a “Lady”? How does someone like this believes to be entitled to be respected as a potential wife and mother?

  4. Glad that ain’t my daughter or any women I hold dear. I would probably have to karate chop her in the throat

  5. Literal representation of DNA, Dick N’ Attention in real time. That dentist that proposed to her, must be SOOO proud….

  6. This chick is pathetic. I know I act, sound, dress, and have the mannerisms of a ho but treat me like a lady.

    Fake hair, nails, teeth, butt, titts, and complexion. Might as well get a sex bot so you can avoid the attitude, nagging, and unwanted babies.

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