Disgusting Female Janitor Assault Teen Boy Who Who REJECT Her Advances


This unattractive predator of teenage boys may have gotten arrested for what she did, but I still don’t think she will be held accountable for what she has done.She has ruined a kid who NEVER wanted to have sex with her, but the thirst was real in this hoe & she shouldn’t work in any school in north america.

Link To Article Of Reference: http://nypost.com/2017/04/28/school-janitor-accused-of-raping-teen/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&utm_medium=SocialFlow&sr_share=facebook

Women like this should prove women have ZERO boundaries & they believe no one can tell them anything, which is very dangerous because women with boundaries or morals can destroy communities.I hope she get convicted because her behavior was complete reprehensible & needs accountability NOW.

7 thoughts on “Disgusting Female Janitor Assault Teen Boy Who Who REJECT Her Advances

  1. JDB she is going to get off cause she not ugly or at least not a harsh of a penalty as a man. The same way first degree female murderers don’t get the death penalty

  2. Best believe we’ll see more and more females raping men since they realize there’ll be light repercussions and penalities for doing so.

  3. & the sad part about it is she gone still win court. I could see her getting a little time, but most of it will be on probation. Let it have a man who did this on a young girl. He would have been gone in a blink of an eye from the outside world.

  4. She needs to be put on blast for this. Sex offender registry and the whole nine. As many grown men are out here, why are they messing with children?

  5. If i was 16 and she made advances to me i would gladly fulfil her request. I would lay down the pipe on her and turn her inside out with some dick. Shes hotttt

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